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About Us

WISRD™ was formed in 2015 to address the need for a cross-systems approach to infrastructure resilience planning. Our company name, WISRD, stands for Whole Infrastructure Systems for Resilient Development, which captures our goal of examining infrastructure as a whole, integrated system.

Our Mission

WISRD provides critical information on foundational infrastructure vulnerabilities to support communities in their move towards greater resilience.


Our Vision

WISRD strives to normalize the practice, priorities, and verbiage of taking a cross-systems approach to infrastructure resilience planning. Our vision is to be recognized as leaders in creating and implementing cutting edge Capital Improvement Program (CIP) decision-support tools that influence associated policy at all levels.


Our Team

Our Team.
mark at alamo jan 2015.JPG
Mark Reiner, PhD, PE, ENV SP

CEO and Co-Founder

Shannon McElvaney, MPS

Chief Geospatial Officer

Lisa McElvaney_Sep 2014.jpg
Lisa McElvaney, PhD, RODC

Systems Change Director and Co-Founder

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