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Our Platform

Our Platform
WISRD is built using the Esri ArcGIS platform, the industry standard for GIS analyses and visualization. We are proud to be an Esri Emerging Business Partner.
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Our Products

Our Products
All the WISRD tools are web-based GIS applications that use thematic maps and informative dashboards to show where your infrastructure is most vulnerable, and why.


WISRD for Cities™

Ideal for city administrators, public works directors, and other senior executives concerned with the planning and management of infrastructure for municipalities.

WISRD for Cities
WISRD for Campuses™

Ideal for campus administrators, plant/facility management directors, and planners concerned with providing reliable, resilient infrastructure ensuring classrooms, dormitories, and transit are in working order for students.

WISRD for Campuses
WISRD for Installations™

Ideal for commanders, facility operations directors, and planners who work to ensure that installations are capable of supporting a variety of missions.

WISRD fo Installations
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